With the popularization and increase of vehicles, the contradiction between efficient and intelligent management of vehicles has become increasingly prominent.Our RFID-based long-distance vehicle identification management system solves many problems that other similar microwave products can not solve working principle:Vehicles are assigned an RFID card (active or passivity) with a vehicle identity information.The system collect and process the information from the high-speed moving vehicles in a  long-distance, finish the Identification of entry and exit with high efficiency.

1, the new systems providing a scientific property management, intelligent management services.
2,  recording the vehicle entry and exit information , stored in the database for easy charging, inquiries and other management.
3, the core features: Long-range radio card and reader core using a special algorithm to achieve encryption, transceiver mechanism randomly generated MAC address with the instantaneous launch ID, an effective guarantee card number encryption and security.It lays the loundation for the security of the system.