Wanlong jingyi PCB Design Center, as a professional PCB design department of Sprint circuits, specializes in high-speed PCB design service, high-density / high-frequency PCB design, high-speed backplane design, motherboard and mobile phone board design,HDI PCB design and a variety of high-speed differential signal circuit board design, to provide PCB LAYOUT, SI simulation analysis, power integrity simulation analysis,EMC design and other technical services and solutions.

For all types of electronic information products market segments, in order to meet the  professional PCB design solutions of our customers, set up a mobile phone PCB design, notebook PC PCB design, high-speed backplane PCB  board.

design,Industrial Motherboard PCB design, flexible circuit board design, the series of chip products PCB design and many other characteristics of the project team, the team members are in the subdivision products senior hardware and software design and development engineers,With professional skills and focus on serving the majority of users.

We have extensive design experience in high-frequency PCB design, high-speed PCB design, PCB simulation, PCB layout, digital-
analog A / D hybrid board design and other fields, such as PCI, CPCI, PCI-EXPRESS, ATCA, XAUI, SATA & SATAII,, 10GHz High Speed
Differential Signaling, DDR & DDRII SDRAM 800M, TI DSP Series, MCU, ARM7 & ARM9 Series, Programmable Logic, DLP-RAMBUS RLDRAM, Switch 

Power Supply,Board design, product coverage network communications, industrial control, military, medical electronics, automotive electronics, portable devices, digital consumer electronics, smart home, Internet of things and many other applications. 

With our one-stop industrial advantage, we can also provide low-cost, low-volume rapid prototyping production. If you need to optimize the original plate, we will perfect the design according to your requirements.