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Sprintpcb was established in Beijing in 2007 , moved to Shenzhen in 2010. We can fulfill most of your demands like Rigid-multilayer PCB、Rigid-flex PCB、Metal material、RF(Radio frequency)、HDI(High density interconnect) and IC(Integrated circuit) chip PCB’s manufacturing and assembling. Our customers can achieve this all in one factory. It is committed to providing customers with one-stop PCB manufacturing services from R&D samples to mass production. In the industry, our delivery is faster and the price is more competitive. At the same time, combined with the market and customer's demands, we also provide customers with value-added services such as SMT and components purchasing. our company is headquartered in Shenzhen, has PCB production , technology research and development base in Shenzhen. There are several electronic product design service centers in China and the United States, which have provided rapid electronic manufacturing services to more than 3,000 customers worldwide.

After years of development, Sprintpcb has established a unique one-stop manufacturing service platform, introducing a large number of senior talents in the the PCB industry, and has created a composite production and technical service team through long-term running-in experience. Our business areas cover PCB manufacturing, PCBA processing and components sourcing. We provide customers with a convenient one-stop shopping experience through deep resource integration, improve procurement efficiency, reduce supply chain management costs, and make the quality of complete sets of products more complete. Reliable, the products are widely used in industrial, power, national defense, medical, automotive, security, computer and other fields.

Our production capability 2- 40 layers,min.line width 3mil/3mil, Aspect radio 12:1,finished board thickness 0.2mm-8mm,max panel size 610*1100MM  Impedance tolerance ±10%.copper thickness 0.5-8OZ.

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