Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Look into the future, we will see that electronic content is growing of which At the heart is a PCB. R&D will be the key to your success.A good PCB R&D partner can help reach your excellence of standard.As a great PCB R&D Partner---SPRINT CIRCUITS,the competition in the field of PCB is increasing, in order to remain our competitivity on PCB Design, PCB layout,PCB Fab, PCBA, Parts and continue to expand PCB market, We are always paying attention to do continuous improvement and strengthen self construction :

1. We're PCB Design, Manufacturing and Assembly are All in One Place,having the unique ability to adjust to the ever-changing schedule in business today.Our flexibility is the key to saving your time and money in the manufacturing cycle.From prototype to production, our team will supply a quality product on time.   including customized service  prototype,small&medium batches,We have the technical capabilities to fulfill your needs now and in the future,could provide fastest PCB Design, PCB layout,PCB Fab,PCBA, parts at the best price,and guaranteed on-time delivery.

2. A diverse product mix is also helpful,We can fulfill most of your PCB demands and  a wide range of PCB board, including rigid-multilayer pcb, rigid-flex pcb, metal core pcb, Microwave/RF pcb and HDI pcb, Manufacturing and Assembling All in One Place,so you needn't to find another PCB fabricator.

3. We have a good relationship with our suppliers,and maintain a large of materials to meet a wide range of PCB demands to the maximum. 
4. Our products and services are 100% guaranteed to be in accordance with IPC-6012 & IPC-A600F standards, and we are certified to IS09001-2008 ,TS16949 and UL approval.

5.we are the company that is easy to work with, free engineering review and support. Going further than you have ever gone before to develop a technology that will produce the boards you need, especially for new and innovating technology
6.Prompt response to your needs with quick PCB quotation within two hours 

7,we have right team to meet your demands, Working side by side with you on the project, easy to work with, and most importantly, are willing to generously share knowledge.