5G application prospects

    As the fifth-generation mobile communication network, 5G is considered to be a technological wave that completely changes the way of people interact with everything. In the related reports on 5G network technology and development trends, many users have issued various questions, which shows that more and more people are paying attention to 5G.  Any upgrade of the mobile communication network will bring about a substantial increase in the speed of the network, 3G to 4G, 5G is no exception. According to Qualcomm's previous millimeter-wave 5G network simulation test data in San Francisco, the 

download speed of 5G network reached 1.4Gbps, which is much higher than the 71Mbps of ordinary 4G users, and the speed has increased by about 23 times. The soaring speed of the network is only a significant feature. The 5G network also has two core advantages: a significant delay in latency and an increase in network capacity.
    5G is the Jedi counterattack in the context of the overall decline of the communications industry. It is the good intention of the communications industry to re-construct a new society with the communications industry as its core by infiltrating into other industries.  Nowadays, the rapid development of mobile communications, including China, Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea and other traditional communications industry is relatively strong, the growth rate of mobile users is not the same decline, the speed of new users into the network is constantly slowing down. Moreover, from 2G/3G/4G all the way, the traffic used by single users is constantly improving, but the revenue of single users has begun to decline, and the winter of the communication industry has come.In order not to sit still, the communications industry around the world has put forward the idea of 5G, which is to pull the traditional and stubborn other industries into the framework of the next generation of mobile communication technology. The focus 
of this technology update. Will not be an ordinary individual user, but more inclined to the traditional industry
     The giants of the communications industry have tried to infiltrate all walks of life and set the standards to guide the whole society into a new society with the communication industry as the core. Under this big background, the communication industry has proposed three major application scenarios of 5G, EMBB. (Enhanced Mobile Broadband), URLLC (Ultra High Reliable Low Latency), MMTC Various protocols and technologies in 5G technology are targeted to attract traditional industries, such as agriculture, industry, medical care, automobiles, logistics, games, the Internet, and so on.Since the current 5GNR standard is only developed to the R15 version, the subsequent R16 version will not be fully finalized until 2020, and now it is mainly for high-speed networks, that is, EMBB.   In the early stage, 5G can achieve a single-user access speed of about 1.3-2GBPS, which is more than 10 times faster than work, it also brings new challenges to operators. The overall trend of the communications industry from hard to soft is also very obvious. 5G will be an era full of all kinds of changes, whether it is equipment vendors, operators, users, billing models, etc., is a psychological preparation to re-recognize mobile communications.

   traditional LTE. At present, the mainstream 5G commercial time points in the world are probably in 2019, and they are slightly different before and after. Formal commercialization must be in 2020 or beyond, as the true 5G standard will be available in 2020.Since 5G introduces network slicing technology to adapt to various vertical industry applications, the overall charging mode of 5G will also undergo a relatively large change. In the 5G era, the billing system will not be in the same flow metering mode, but Different billing can be performed for various scenarios.  For example: You can see that the video may be a billing package, your automatic driving is a billing package, and so on. A more flexible and diverse billing model is also a significant feature of the 5G era.The mobile communication network structure in the 5G era will undergo great changes, including core network cloudization, CU/DU separation, network white boxing and other fundamental network structure changes will occur, but also bring great to the communications industry. challenge.