In October, the Sprint Pcb management team carried out a five-day team building activity in Beijing with the spirit of “unity, cooperation, and courage”.

Departing from Shenzhen T3 Terminal

    Tian'anmen square. square records the indomitable revolutionary spirit and the fearless heroism of the Chinese people. The history of modern Chinese revolution has left a deep memory here, and it is also the birthplace of countless major political and historical events, witnessing the decline of China. The process of the rise. It is also a barometer of modern China. It is a thermometer whose national emotions are ups and downs. Today we are also fortunate to be here!

Tian'anmen Square

    The Imperial Palace is the royal palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties in China. It was formerly known as the Forbidden City. It is located in the center of Beijing's central axis and is the essence of ancient Chinese palace architecture. Majestic, magnificent, magnificent, dazzling, beautiful, radiant, magnificent...! Looking at the vermilion high wall, looking at the Forbidden City, can not help but admire, the Forbidden City, how much effort and sweat they cost, it is a miracle!

Imperial Palace

    What a resounding name of the “Great Wall”, she is known throughout the world for her majesty and imposing manner. She is the symbol and pride of the industrious Chinese working people. for Chinese people, she is not just a building, but The hard work spirit of the Chinese people.


Great Wall

    The Bird's Nest and Water Cube are the main venues for the 2008 Olympic Games. They are landmark sports buildings and Olympic heritage.
It embodies the Olympic spirit of self-improvement, innovation, enterprising, benevolence and responsibility. It conveys the spirit of pursuing victory and eager for peace. It is also the philosophy that our sprintpcb team have been advocating

Beijing National Stadium & Swimming Center

    The Summer Palace, old trees growing with glazed tile roofs and vermilion palace walls. An eight-story pagoda-shaped three-floors building stands on the mountainside, and the yellow glazed tiles sparkle. This is the antique Buddha incense pavilion.
     A French missionary once described the Summer Palace: "The artificial stone is formed into a hill, which is connected into numerous small valleys. The valley is filled with water. There is a courtyard on the poolside, there are corridors, gardens, waterfalls. Hills. Planting trees on top of it, and taking more flower trees, it seems like a paradise in the world."

The Summer Palace

Temple of Heaven

    Just like the spirit of the Chinese women's volleyball team, our sprintpcb team knows when to slow down and enjoy the scenery along the way, when should we move forward with enthusiasm. The short five-day group building activity was successfully concluded. I believe that the communication between team members will be strengthened in the future work, and the mutual understanding and trust will be further enhanced. Our team will become more united. Cooperation will be closer, adding more power to the growth and development of Principal's circuits.

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