On August 1st, the "respected customers" of Jianye received a notice of price increase early in the morning. In view of the high price of chemical, copper foil and glass cloth, the transportation cost continued to rise, and the company was forced to bear the cost pressure on the same day. The price of three products, FR-4 and CEM-1/22F/PP (150m), will be raised.but we must provide high quality pcb for customer.Coincidentally, as early as today, NORD New Materials (July 30), Yuanji New Materials, Aerospace New Materials, Shandong Jinbao and other PCB upstream companies released price increases.
The cost of electronic PCB assembly raw materials accounts for about 33%, of which CCL accounts for 18% to 20%. Copper foil is the most important raw material for manufacturing CCL, accounting for about 30% (thick plate) and 50% of CCL cost. %(sheet). At the same time, the time between the price increase and the previous wave of price increases is not long. Some companies have also mentioned the words “payment for delivery” and “paying over futures as soon as possible” – it can be described as hot summer, eight At the same time, the price increase army skr struck, sent a burst of shame for the PCB business owners...
         Looking back on the past two years, the overall PCB industry has recovered and the development of the industrial chain has also changed. Among them, the effect of raw material price increase is prominent, which has a certain impact on PCB companies.At a time when ecological and environmental issues are prominent, green environmental protection has been highly valued by the government, and strict production environmental standards have been formulated. In order to respond to the government's call to achieve sustainable development of the industry, major PCB manufacturers have made industrial adjustments and improved product manufacturing processes, which not only directly increased the price of accessories and labor costs, but also led to an increase in industry concentration.

         At the same time, the supply of copper foil is in short supply, so that the prices of various raw materials continue to rise. From the beginning of 2016 to the present, the price of PCB standard copper foil has risen by more than 50%, and the copper foil processing fee and the price of effective copper clad are higher than the original average. 100% and 50%. With the continuous increase in the price of PCB raw materials, some uncompetitive enterprises have begun to withdraw, and the competitive landscape has gradually tilted toward large manufacturers with bargaining power, environmental protection indicators and capacity reserves.

         Under the double pressure of environmental protection and rising raw materials prices, many large PCB factories have also chosen to increase prices. It is expected that the entire PCB industry will usher in a new situation after this wave of price increases, with an overall range of 20-30%.

At present, China's PCB industry is in the process of transition from low-end processing to high value-added manufacturing. These are the pains that enterprises must go through.

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