Artificial Intelligence

30,000 square meters monthly production capacity, 15 days batch lead time, well-known supplier of artificial intelligence industry

1. High quality raw materials guarantee the product quality from the source
Base material: taihong, dupont, taiyao, shengyi
Cover layer: taihong, APLUS, RCCT
PI reinforcement: ube, taihong, SKC
Chemicals: American Mac Dermid, Atotech (Germany)PTH, Rohm&Haas (USA)
Electromagnetic film: sanhui, fangbang, toyo

2. Strong  production capacity and on time delivery, winning the market opportunity for consumer electronic customers

The monthly production capacity totals 30,000 square meters, meeting the batch demand of customers.10 days for samples, 15 days for batch delivery.

3. A full set of imported automatic production line, its own surface treatment equipment

Invested in the introduction of automatic mitsubishi laser drill, AOI, exposure machine, black hole line.

A few enterprises in the industry equipped with a full set of surface treatment equipment can fully meet the requirements of gold, silver, electrogold, OSP and other related requirements.

4. Exquisite craftsmanship to meet customers' various board requirements
Minimum circuit width/spacing: 0.05mm(1/3oz)/0.045mm(1/4oz)

Minimum PTH hole pad: 0.3mm  

Alignment tolerance of covering film: 0.2mm

Outline tolerance: 0.05mm          

Maximum number of layers: FPC 8 layers   Hard and soft combined with 32 layers

Pitch tolerance: +/-0.05mm       

Minimum laser hole: 0.1mm

The thinnest thickness of 10L: 0.7mm    

Impedance control tolerance: +/-8%

Minimum line width/spacing: 3/3mil     

Blind hole aspect ratio: 0.8:1

Minimum CSP/BGA spacing: 0.4mm       

HDI steps: 3+N+3

PAD Size of blind hole: 0.25mm        

Minimum blind hole diameter: 0.10mm

5. Rigorous quality control system can effectively guarantee product quality
 Certificated a number of international system : ISO9001, IATF16949, UL, etc.

American DIONEX Ion Chromatography Tester (DIONEXICS-900) and temperature cycling inspection equipment to ensure high reliability and stability.

Strictly implement the quality PDCA flow system to continuously improve product performance

6. Specially configure SMT production line to provide customers with one-stop processing services!
6 Japanese yamaha SMT production lines to reduce your supply chain.
Configure SMT burn test equipment to meet industry specific requirements.

7. electronic industry green environmental protection pioneer, well-known customers' consistent choice
60 million yuan is invested in environmental protection, and the quality of wastewater after treatment reaches gb21900-2008 standard.
Circuit board industry green environmental protection advanced enterprise title.
Tesla, huawei, baidu, koworth's first choice!