Strictly implement IATF16949 international quality management system standard

Provide high reliability PCB for automotive customers

1. First-class technical team with rich experience in automobile products

60 professional technical teams with more than 12 years of PCB experience to 

ensure high stability and reliability of automotive products

☆A large number of national invention patents and utility model patents can effectively optimize product design structure.

2. Exquisite craftsmanship to meet the demand of automobile PCB
☆Maximum aperture ratio:10:1, maximum copper thickness 60Z, maximum 
working pannel size 1200x800mm;
☆The thinnest 4-layers PCB:0.4mm, the minimum mechanical hole/pad is0.15/0.40mm, and the drilling accuracy is +/-0.05mm;
☆PTH hole size tolerance +/-0.05mm, minimum circuit width/distance 0.075/0.075mm.

3、 Rigorous quality control system creates highly reliable automobile PCB for you
☆Strictly in accordance with IPC standard control, ensure the delivery quality 
qualified rate;
☆Strictly implement the quality PDCA cycle process, and continuously improve 
product performance;
☆Imported DIONEX ICS-900 and temperature cycle tester ensures high reliability and stability.

☆American DIONEX Ion Chromatography Tester (DIONEXICS-900) and temperature cycling inspection equipment to ensure high reliability and stability.

4、 Green environmental protection pioneer, the consistent choice of well-known customers
☆Guangdong clean production certification enterprise, shenzhen clean production enterprise, pengcheng advanced waste reduction enterprise, circuit board industry green environmental protection demonstration 

Awarded the Guangdong Clean Production Certification Enterprise, Shenzhen Clean Production Enterprise, Advanced Waste Reduction Enterprise, and Circuit board industry green environmental protection demonstration enterprise.

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