Purchased the full range of production equipment special for the communication industry . 

Long-term Partner of High Quality High Frequency Materials Manufacturers in the World.

1. High quality high-frequency material resources enable your products to win at the starting point 
Long-term strategic partner of Rogers,taconic, Arlon,Nelco and Isola
☆We can provide excellent materials and related resources for the communication industry customers. fundamentally control product quality.

2、Full set of communication pcb production equipment, to reduce the risk of outsourcing production for you
Specially for the communication industry equipped with Plasma Plasma debonding machine, ultra-long plate parallel exposure machine, exposure length up to 1.2m.
☆Specially surface treatment for the communication industry: silver plating, tin plating, immersion silver, immersion tin .

3、 Exquisite craftsmanship to meet the needs of PCB
Hybrid lamination technology: FR4+PTFE,FR4+408HR,FR4+ROGERS,ceramic +FR4.
☆3mil/3mil line width&gap, impedance tolerance can be controlled ±8%.

4、 First-class PCB industry technical team, effectively optimizing the stability of high-frequency board

60 professional technical engineers with more than 10 years experience and  most of them have rich experience in communication circuit board production.

A large number of national invention patents and utility model patents can effectively optimize product design structure.

5. Rigorous quality control system can effectively guarantee product performance

Strict quality control in accordance with IPC standards to ensure the product quality.

American DIONEX Ion Chromatography Tester (DIONEXICS-900) and temperature cycling inspection equipment to ensure high reliability and stability.

Strictly implement the quality PDCA flow system to continuously improve product performance.

6、 Environmental pioneer, commitment to society, deep link with you to create a green home

Awarded the Guangdong Clean Production Certification Enterprise, Shenzhen Clean Production Enterprise, Advanced Waste Reduction Enterprise, and Circuit board industry green environmental protection demonstration enterprise.

Main PCB supplier of  Honeywell, Hikvision, Zhejiang Dahua, jesmay, your trusted partner!