Medical Instruments

Strict implementation of  international management system standards
Provide high reliability PCB for medical industry

1.First-class technical team with rich experience in medical products
60 professional technical engineers with more than 10 years experience and  most of them have rich experience in medical circuit board production.
A large number of national invention patents and utility model patents can effectively optimize product design structure.

2. Exquisite craftsmanship to meet the needs of medical PCB
☆Maximum thickness to diameter ratio 10:1 maximum copper thickness 6OZ maximum working plate size 1200x800mm.
The thinnest 4-layer plate 0.4mm minimum mechanical hole/welding plate 0.15/0.40mm.
Drilling accuracy +/ -0.05mmpth aperture tolerance +/-0.05mm.
Minimum line width/line distance 0.075/0.075mm.

3、 Advanced automatic production equipment and precision inspection equipment
☆Our factory is equipped with UCE VCP Line, Germany Burkle lamination, Mitsubishi laser drilling machine, Hitachi mechanical drilling, Japan Screen  automatic exposure machine, LDI, AOI.
We boast a full set of surface treatment equipment (Immersion gold, Immersion silver, Immersion tin, OSP, HASL, Gold plated, Thick gold plating, Tin plating, Silver plating).

4、 Rigorous quality control system ensures the qualified rate of shipment quality
☆Strict quality control in accordance with IPC standards to ensure the product quality.
American DIONEX Ion Chromatography Tester (DIONEXICS-900) and temperature cycling inspection equipment to ensure high reliability and stability.
Strictly implement the quality PDCA flow system to continuously improve product performance

5、Green environmental protection pioneer, the choice of confidence of famous customers

Awarded the Guangdong Clean Production Certification Enterprise, Shenzhen Clean Production Enterprise, Advanced Waste Reduction Enterprise, and Circuit board industry green environmental protection demonstration enterprise.

Main PCB supplier of  Honeywell, Hikvision, Zhejiang Dahua, jesmay, your trusted partner!