Military Industrial

GJB9001B-2009 certified enterprise
Create high stability military PCB for you

1. Rigorous quality control system
☆GJB, IATF16949, UL and other international certification enterprises.
☆Strictly in accordance with IPC standard control, to ensure the delivery quality pass rate.
☆Strictly implement quality PDCA process and continuously improve product performance.

2. First-class technical team with rich experience in military products
60 professional technical teams with more than 10 years of PCB experience to create highly stable military circuit boards for you.
☆A number of national invention patents and utility model patents.
☆Awarded the national high-tech enterprise, shenzhen well-known brand, shenzhen technology research and development center for 10 years to focus on PCB r & d manufacturing.

3. Exquisite craftsmanship
☆The minimum line width and line spacing of 3mil/3mil, and the impedance tolerance is controlled at 8%..
☆PTH hole size tolerance +/-0.05mm, drilling accuracy +/-0.05mm.

4. Advanced automatic production equipment

Our factory is equipped with UCE VCP Line, Germany Burkle lamination, Mitsubishi laser drilling machine, Hitachi mechanical drilling, Japan Screen  automatic exposure machine, LDI, AOI.

We boast a full set of surface treatment equipment (Immersion gold, Immersion silver, Immersion tin, OSP, HASL, Gold plated, Thick gold plating, Tin plating, Silver plating).

5.Specially for the military industry with precision testing equipment high stability and reliability of military PCB security
☆Ion chromatograph, constant temperature and humidity tester, TMA thermal mechanical dividers and more than 20 kinds of reliability testing equipment.
☆DIONEXICS-900 and temperature cycle testing equipment imported from USA ensure high reliability and stability of the products.

6. Green pioneer, and you care for the green home
☆Awarded the Guangdong Clean Production Certification Enterprise, Shenzhen Clean Production Enterprise, Advanced Waste Reduction Enterprise, and Circuit board industry green environmental protection demonstration enterprise.
☆Main PCB supplier of  Honeywell, Hikvision, Zhejiang Dahua, jesmay, your trusted partner

We regard environmental protection as our responsibility