Engineering Design

Engineering Design

  PCB Engineering Service

1. A strong engineering design team to meet customers’ individual design needs for a variety of varieties; the company has nearly 100 engineering designers, and the design team has stable and experienced personnel. The engineering design team has more than 5 years of industry experience accounted for more than 50%. In addition to the main positions of pre-review, CAM, MI, QAE, etc., there are also full-time positions such as impedance design, manuscript conversion, order review, domestic and foreign EQ processing, English translation, training, etc., which can be targeted to meet the different needs of customers.

2. Quick response to project data pre-review and production: 2 hours to complete the data pre-review and quotation, Allegro completes the full set of project data production in 4 hours;

3. Advanced engineering intelligent design system: from pre-review to data and processing, from veneer production of data to imposition, from drawing design to process design, there are relatively independent and systematically connected intelligent production systems to ensure engineering design The high quality and high efficiency. The Ucam engineering production system integrates a number of automated and intelligent scripts, which can efficiently and high-quality complete the manufacturability modification and design of engineering orders. Our company is one of the first companies in the industry to introduce the pre-production engineering intelligent solution (Engenix) system. This system can rely on automated design to shorten engineering design time and improve product design quality, so that key engineering data can easily run through the entire company’s business. And provide product data security management and workflow management.

4. The daily operation workflow is highly automated, key nodes are delivered without paper, and intelligent foolproof;

5. Provide customers with a full range of engineering technical support and services: manufacturability design services, assist customers in simulating impedance calculation, designing laminated structures, guiding the efficiency and cost optimization of imposition structures, etc.

  EMS engineering services

Engineering services: including feasibility evaluation of engineering projects, DFX-based design, Bom engineering, test engineering, failure analysis, training guidance, concurrent engineering management, etc.

DFX-based design service

Design for each/a certain link of the product life cycle.
In the design phase, DFX analysis is to influence design changes
"Most effective" tool

EMS engineering services

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