Fast Delivery

Fast Delivery

10 years experience in PCB processing customization, only on time delivery
Quick proofing

Quick Proofing

Taiwan Dongtai drilling rig, Hong Kong Zhongxin Electroplating automatic pattern electroplating line and other production lines, 12 hours fast sample production

36 process inspection

36 Process Inspection

There are 36 inspection processes in the whole process, and each process is checked layer by layer to ensure product quality

Delivery guarantee

Delivery Guarantee

The production workshop covers an area of more than 8,000 square meters, and multiple production lines ensure on-time and on-time delivery.

We provide a variety of PCB customization services
Refinement process, the strength is obvious
Full automation control

Customization Strength - Whole Process Automation Control

More than 10 years of PCB customization experience, strong integrated production includes Taiwan Dongtai drilling rig, Hong Kong universe vacuum etching machine, Christie fully automatic exposure machine, automatic LDI circuit exposure machine, Boteford automatic gong machine, automatic V-CUT machine , Germany Maitroni flying needle machine, etc., to provide strong guarantee for customers

Strictly control the quality

Imported raw materials - strict quality control

We require imported brands for raw materials from the source, prevent defective products from the source to ensure product quality, strictly control the production process, and carry out special instrument testing for PCB circuit board products throughout the process, in line with international PCB quality system standards

ERP system - fast delivery in the whole process

The whole process of production shortens the time for intermediate outgoing, using ERP order management system, real-time data monitoring, clear control of the whole line, scientific and rigorous production process, 36 processes, layer-by-layer control, to provide guarantee for your on-time delivery


1 hour response - one-to-one dedicated service

1 hour quick response to customer needs, online customer service 24 hours a day, more timely and proactive customer return visits and services to deal with emergencies.