Supply Chain Integration

Supply Chain Integration

We can provide a complete set of solutions from PCB design to PCBA and assembly, provide customers with one-stop service, save customers' time and effort in finding suppliers, and provide customers with the best solutions through our professional industry experience.

Business introduction


It brings together more than 100 outstanding designers from well-known enterprises at home and abroad,
Each person has more than five years of work experience, and has passed DFM certification to ensure manufacturable design capabilities.

The company has been committed to high-speed PCB design, and the design field focuses on communication technology facilities, industrial control motherboards, and products.
We adhere to the "customer orientation" and focus on providing customers with the best solution for product performance, cost and manufacturing cycle.

  • High Speed PCB Design
  • Signal Integrity (SI) Design
  • EMC design and rectification
  • PCB Design Training/Diagnostics
  • Package library design management/consulting



Electronic assembly refers to fixing electronic components such as active devices, passive devices, connectors, etc. on the PCB board by surface mounting, plug-in, etc., to realize the interconnection of electronic components and circuits, and form PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) component process, which belongs to the downstream link of PCB business. The details of the company's electronic assembly services are as follows:

1. SMT surface mount: equipped with a full set of SMT production and testing equipment such as automatic printing machine, high-speed placement machine, lead-free reflow soldering, solder paste thickness detector, automatic optical inspection machine, X-Ray, etc., which can be used for customers Provide high-precision SMT assembly.

2. THT through-hole plug-in: equipped with plug-in wire and wave soldering, to provide customers with professional and reliable trial production and small and medium-volume DIP/THT through-hole plug-in welding services.

3. Micro-assembly: It can match the lean assembly line dedicated to customer product design, and provide customers with multi-board interconnection assembly, precise assembly of boards and structural parts, software download and functional testing, labeling and packaging and other supporting services.

4. Industrial protection and reliability test: Equipped with fully automatic PCBA board three-proof paint spraying production line and electronic engineering laboratory to provide industrial protection and on-load reliability test services for high-reliability products.



Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) includes a series of services that provide electronic product brands with design, manufacturing, procurement and logistics.
The company's EMS business is an extension of the PCB business, including electronic assembly, BOM services and product testing. The company's EMS business and PCB business are closely related, with electronic engineering services of designability, manufacturability and reliability as the core, and at the same time, it has the characteristics of multi-variety, small batch, personalized and fast delivery, and professionally serves customer product development. stage, and form a complementary and differentiated development strategy with large-scale EMS services.

We have a large number of senior engineers with forward-looking design culture, creative design thinking, rich experience in feasibility analysis/production/processing, and perfect product design tracking.