Sprint pcb is professional in pcb board manufacture,we are quality china pcb factory,In the traumatic lessons of the recent fires in Daxing and a carton factory in Fujian, the painful tragedy of a sudden fire in a cardboard box factory in Fujian Province saw the passing away of one young life and formed the shadow of our lingering heart and eternal pain! Therefore, in order to avoid the recurrence of the above-mentioned major tragedy, Fire safety work should be grasped every year, every month and every day caught, always caught, always can not be relaxed! Fire safety work should be managed together, which is the common responsibility of our society as a whole is our company The responsibility of the foreigners also reflects our respect for life and human rights. The fire drill was highly valued by the leaders of the Zong Jing Ban Office and the Administration Personnel Department made adequate preparations and rehearsals in accordance with the requirements of the Company's "Fire Evacuation Emergency Plan" Staff fully understand and actively participate in the entire exercise conducted in a scientific and orderly manner and reasonable arrangements to ensure the basic success of the fire drills.